About us

ACSRF team operates independently across India and abroad with support of good officers and powerful legal team and guided by retired State and Central Government officials and managed by leading scholar luminaries, where they can exchange their various precious views and experiences which may be made available to the younger generation to deliver the real time exposure and best advancement of education and diffusion of knowledge among the public in general for their own benefit as well as the benefits for our society.

It also co-operate for providing illegal / anti-national activities to the Government, Administration, Police, Judiciary, autonomous bodies and impartial social organizations. Besides this, it also co-ordinate with Government of India in its welfare activities, as it believes that cooperation of Public with Government is the key success of social, economic and political progression of any country.
In other word, ACSRF is a public platform which provides the public to raise its voice against crime, corruption, injustice, terrorism, social and national / international evils effectively by the means of journalism and / or any needful means

You may play an important role in reconstructing a just and equitable society :

 1. Join ACSRF and contribute in its activities.

 2. Promote ACSRF activities in your locality.

 3. Provide moral support as well as logistic and financial help.

 4. Use the media at your disposal to introduce ACSRF.

 5. Participate in the cells and campaigns launched by ACSRF.

If you are a teacher, social worker or hold a public office in a local body, you are invited to benefit from the training efforts launched by ACSRF.

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