What we do ?

1. To conduct research, prepare data and improve society in the field of education, health, crimes, environment, defence, pharmaceutical, economic, commerce and trade.

2. To help and support society to eliminate crime, white color crime, corruptions from the country.

3. To help police force, administration, state government, central government and judiciary body, National Human Right Commission, National Women Commission, investigation agency and other statutory bodies across the country for betterment.

4. To provide assistance and work on National Agenda for the National Security, Human Rights, Peace, Security, Relation, Development and relief to the citizen of India.

5. To provide assistance and work for Civil Rights, Judicial Rights, Intergroup Relation, Liberties and Community Development, Economic Development, Prevention Crime, Conversion and Women Equality Programme.

6. To conduct research and prepare data on crime, white color crime, corruptions, bureaucrats, crass border transaction, smuggling, money laundering, bonded labour, and abduction. To conduct research on Economic Development, international trade and relation, population control, education and poverty.

7. To help society for its betterment, based on human and artificial intelligence services such as to Development of Child and its protection, Emergency and medical assistance, Day care services as well Residential Service Hospitality.

8. To provide Adult education, health facilities especially in ruler and slums areas. To arrange food for poor, and fight for their human rights, privileges and facilities.

Our Main Objective

1. Stop bribery prevalent in society.
2. Prevent female feticide and make society aware.
3. To curb child labour.
4. To curb child marriage.
5. To curb the harassment on women.
6. To provide all possible help to the victims.
7. Try to stop pollution.
8. Follow traffic rules and convince people.
9. To provide legal help to the unsuspecting people in society.
10. To cooperate with the police administration with full devotion.
11. To take legal action against adulterants of food items.
12. Making people aware about AIDS.13. Helping the police administration in preventing any kind of crime.

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Head Office

Ashok Crime Spectrum Research Foundation

Address :

E-111-B, Nawada Housing Complex, Uttam Nagar, Delhi, West Delhi, Delhi – 110059, India


Phone :

(DR.ASHOK K B)  +91 93602 32006
(JAYAGANDHI) +91 96250 36687


Email : Ashok@crimespectrum.org

Website : www.crimespectrum.org

Bank Details


Account No.: 10097687857

IFSC : IDFB0021001